Croatian Names That Start With M

Find all the Croatian names starting with M along with their meaning and gender. By clicking on the name, you can find more information about the name, such as celebrities named with that name and the name's origin.

Nr. Name Gender Meaning
1 Maca Girl A person who is happy and cultured
2 Magda Girl woman from Magdala
3 Magdalena Girl woman from Magdala
4 Maja Girl mother
5 Majda Girl The Honourable, glorious one
6 Manda Girl loveable
7 Mandica Girl -
8 Manuel Boy God is among us
9 Manuela Girl God is with us
10 Mara Girl bitter
11 Marcel Boy Young Warrior
12 Marcela Girl dedicated to Mars
13 Marčelo Boy One who has the strenght of the hammer
14 Mare Girl star of the sea
15 Margareta Girl pearl
16 Margarita Girl pearl
17 Margita Girl pearl
18 Maria Girl star of the sea
19 Marica Girl A child who was wished for
20 Marija Girl A woman of the sea of sorrowness
21 Marijan Boy Slovene form of Marianus, meaning male.
22 Marijana Girl A graceful woman in the sea of bitterness
23 Marijanka Girl -
24 Marijeta Girl -
25 Marijo Boy -
26 Marin Boy county north of San Francisco
27 Marina Girl from the sea
28 Marinela Girl A maiden of the sea
29 Marinka Girl -
30 Marinko Boy -
31 Marino Boy of the sea
32 Mario Boy manly
33 Mariza Girl of the sea
34 Marjan Boy small pearls
35 Marjana Girl A Quranic name referring to a coral
36 Marko Boy dedicated to Mars
37 Maro / Unisex myself
38 Marta Girl lady; mistress of the house; dedicated to Mars
39 Martin Boy Servant Of Mars, God Of War
40 Martina Girl dedicated to Mars
41 Maša Girl Japanese name meaning true sand
42 Mate Boy One who is like the gift of God
43 Matea Girl She is just like the gift of God
44 Matej Boy One considered a God's Gift
45 Mateja Girl He is a God' s Gift
46 Mateo Boy gift of God
47 Matija Boy -
48 Matilda Girl mighty in battle
49 Matko Boy -
50 Mato Boy -
51 Mauro Boy dark-skinned or Moorish
52 Mehmed Boy Praised
53 Melanija Girl A form of Melanie, meaning dark or black.
54 Melita Girl honey-sweet
55 Meri Girl The marine, deep ocean.
56 Merica Girl -
57 Mia Girl beloved
58 Michael Boy who is like God?
59 Mićo Boy -
60 Mihael Boy -
61 Mihaela Girl there is none like the creator of this world.
62 Mihajlo Boy -
63 Mihalj Boy -
64 Miho Boy -
65 Mihovil Boy -
66 Mijat Boy -
67 Mijo Boy -
68 Miko Boy who resembles God?
69 Mila Girl gracious, dear
70 Milan Boy gracious, dear
71 Milana Girl favored
72 Milanka Girl favored
73 Mile Boy gracious, dear
74 Milena Girl favored
75 Milenka Girl Black
76 Milenko Boy Dear, one who is cherished by all
77 Mileva Girl gracious, dear
78 Milica Girl A graceful lady, An alluring one
79 Milivoj Boy Gracious soldier
80 Milja Girl Trying to excel or become equal
81 Miljenka Girl -
82 Miljenko Boy -
83 Miljka Girl -
84 Milka Girl gracious, dear
85 Milko Boy gracious, dear
86 Milojka Girl -
87 Milorad Boy A graceful joy or care
88 Miloš Boy A person full of grace, dearest of all
89 Milovan Boy -
90 Milutin Boy -
91 Miodrag Boy -
92 Mira Girl peace
93 Miran Boy peace
94 Miranda Girl worthy of admiration
95 Mirela Girl An admired person, most admirable
96 Mirica Girl -
97 Mirjam Girl Of The Sea Or Bitter
98 Mirjana Girl star of the sea
99 Mirko Boy peaceful glory
100 Mirna Girl beloved
101 Miro Boy The one who loves peace, spread peace
102 Miroslav Boy peaceful glory
103 Miroslava Girl peaceful glory
104 Mirsad Boy -
105 Mirsada Girl -
106 Mirta Girl crown of thorns
107 Mišel Boy -
108 Miško Boy -
109 Mislav Boy The thought of glory.
110 Mišo Boy -
111 Mladen Boy young
112 Mladenka Girl -
113 Mladenko Boy -
114 Momčilo Boy -
115 Momir Boy -
116 Monika Girl advisor; unique
117 Morana Girl death, plague
118 Morena Girl brown or brown-haired
119 Muhamed Boy -
120 Muharem Boy Sacred, forbidden, holy
121 Mustafa Boy chosen

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