Dutch Names That Start With M

Find all the Dutch names starting with M along with their meaning and gender. By clicking on the name, you can find more information about the name, such as celebrities named with that name and the name's origin.

Nr. Name Gender Meaning
1 Maaike Girl -
2 Maarten Boy A perrson who is good at warefare
3 Maartje Girl Woman with aggresive personality
4 Machteld Girl -
5 Madeleine Girl woman from Magdala
6 Madelon Girl woman from Magdala
7 Magda Girl woman from Magdala
8 Maike Girl A child that was dearly whished for
9 Maikel Boy -
10 Maja Girl mother
11 Malou Girl One who is a renowned warrior
12 Mandy Girl loveable
13 Manja Girl -
14 Manon Girl wished for child
15 Manuel Boy God is among us
16 Manuela Girl God is with us
17 Mara Girl bitter
18 Marc Boy Warlike
19 Marcel Boy Young Warrior
20 Marcella Girl dedicated to Mars
21 Marcia Girl dedicated to Mars
22 Marco Boy Warlike
23 Marcus Boy dedicated to Mars
24 Marga Girl pearl
25 Margaret Girl pearl
26 Margo Girl pearl
27 Margot Girl pearl
28 Margreet Girl -
29 Margret Girl pearl
30 Margriet Girl -
31 Mari Girl donation
32 Maria Girl star of the sea
33 Marian Girl star of the sea and grace
34 Marianne Girl Of The Sea Or Bitter
35 Marie Girl star of the sea
36 Marie-José Girl -
37 Marie-Louise Girl -
38 Marieke Girl A girl with rebellious persona
39 Marielle Girl star of the sea
40 Mariëlle Girl A girl who is the sea of bitterness
41 Mariet Girl lady; mistress of the house
42 Mariette Girl star of the sea
43 Mariëtte Girl -
44 Marij Girl -
45 Marije Girl -
46 Marijke Girl Of The Sea Or Bitter
47 Marijn Boy A man from the sea
48 Marike Girl A girl with a restless heart
49 Marina Girl from the sea
50 Marinus Boy of the sea
51 Mario Boy manly
52 Marion Girl star of the sea
53 Mariska Girl star of the sea
54 Marissa Girl of the sea
55 Marit Girl pearl; lady; mistress of the house
56 Marita Girl star of the sea
57 Marius Boy male
58 Marja Girl star of the sea
59 Marjan Girl small pearls
60 Marjanne Girl -
61 Marjo Girl One who has deep inner desires and truths
62 Marjolein Girl Maria+Lina
63 Marjolijn Girl -
64 Marjon Girl A Polish name meaning bitter
65 Mark Boy Warlike
66 Marko Boy dedicated to Mars
67 Marleen Girl woman from Magdala
68 Marlene Girl star of the sea from Magdala
69 Marlies Girl -
70 Marloes Girl -
71 Marlon Boy A small falcon
72 Marlou Girl -
73 Marlous Girl -
74 Marnix Boy -
75 Mart Boy dedicated to Mars
76 Marta Girl lady; mistress of the house; dedicated to Mars
77 Marten Boy dedicated to Mars
78 Martha Girl the lady, the mistress
79 Martien / Unisex -
80 Martijn Boy Soldier
81 Martin Boy Servant Of Mars, God Of War
82 Martina Girl dedicated to Mars
83 Martine Girl dedicated to Mars
84 Marvin Boy sea friend
85 Mary Girl sea of bitterness
86 Mascha Girl -
87 Math Boy bear
88 Mathieu Boy gift of God
89 Mathijs Boy -
90 Mathilde Girl mighty in battle
91 Matthijs Boy Nordic name for a gift from the Lord
92 Maud Girl powerful battler
93 Maureen Girl star of the sea
94 Maurice Boy dark-skinned, Moorish
95 Maurits Boy dark-skinned or Moorish
96 Max Boy Greatest
97 Maya Girl illusion
98 Mayke Girl -
99 Mehmet Boy praiseworthy
100 Meike Girl -
101 Melanie Girl black or dark-skinned
102 Melissa Girl bee
103 Melvin Boy -
104 Menno Boy -
105 Merel Girl shining sea
106 Merijn Boy -
107 Meta Girl pearl
108 Mia Girl beloved
109 Micha Boy who resembles God?
110 Michael Boy who is like God?
111 Michel Boy Who Is Like God?
112 Michelle / Unisex who resembles God
113 Michiel Boy who resembles God?
114 Mick Boy who resembles God?
115 Mieke Girl the unpleasant or harsh taste.
116 Milou Girl A famed warrior
117 Minke Girl -
118 Miranda Girl worthy of admiration
119 Mireille Girl wonderful; peace; propserous; admire
120 Mirella Girl wonderful; peace; propserous; worthy of admiration
121 Miriam Girl wished for child
122 Mirjam Girl Of The Sea Or Bitter
123 Mischa Boy bee or honey
124 Mitchell Boy The archangel who carry God's message
125 Mohamed Girl praiseworthy
126 Mohammed Boy praiseworthy
127 Monica Girl solitary or to advise
128 Moniek Girl -
129 Monika Girl advisor; unique
130 Monique Girl Advisor
131 Muriel Girl sparkling or shining sea
132 Mustafa Boy chosen
133 Myriam Girl -
134 Myrthe Girl -

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